When we think of networking two things come to mind, although one of them is more focused on Facebook & Twitter, so we are really talking about that hardware that has a lot of cables coming out of it. From the first time you have had a networking piece of hardware, to the old hardware that has been around since before you started there, we have you covered. We specialize in both wired and wireless networking, so if you want to have all of your computers connected to a centralized server or printer or both and also be able to access the Internet from your smartphone, we can get that done for you.

Networking is in large part about the hardware itself, but when you get into slightly larger applications there gets to be some configurations that need to happen to be sure that you don’t have connection issues. We can help you with both of those scenarios.

Networking Hardware

  • Set up routers and switches
  • Run cabling for your new home or office
  • Replace old equipment with up-to-date versions
  • Install long-range WiFi (i.e. building to building)

Network Configurations

  • Set up a centralized printer, scanner or network storage device
  • Troubleshoot Internet/Network connection issues
  • Set up a firewall to protect your home or business